My name is Beatrice and I’m your next Web Developer!

I have a passion for design and design can help bring us closer!
The art of web design means balancing the aesthetics of a clean layout with information delivery efficiency and a targeted user experience.

The right mix helps you tell the right story and allows me to deliver a successful website that is able to make the sale!

I have spent the last six years acquiring hands-on experience and efficiently building websites and web applications using mainstream building blocks like WordPress, HTML 5, CSS, PHP, SQL and JavaScript.

My Skills

UI / UX Design

The UI/UX Design Specialization brings a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design.


HTML and CSS are two of the core technologies for building Web pages.

PHP + SQL + js

PHP is the most popular scripting language for web development. SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases.


I create unique and stylish WordPress websites with affection and topics that are easy to use, without any redundant code.

Why Choose Me?

After 100+ different web-projects, I can now safely say that by partnering with me you will benefit from countless lessons learned. I guarantee great results, delivered on time and on budget.
you are important
The focus will be on you! Respect for your time is at the core of my way of working. A fast response time to inquiries, short productive meetings and efficient e-mail exchanges contribute towards a successful go live and an overall pleasant experience.
uniQUE vision
Design is my passion! A clean layout is important as the main focus needs to be on the message. Each design element should help tell your story and be essential to it. At the center of my design philosophy is the user experience.

Ongoing support
Having a working website is an ongoing affair, and change is the only thing you can count on. By opting for a maintenance contract, I can offer ongoing support with no end date.

Extra sevices
I can assist you with SEO, keyword research, blog planning, content writing, images mapping, integration of live chat panels, analytics, etc.
Collaborative Approach
All my work is done using agile methodologies. I offer weekly status updates and periodic previews.


Working with Beatrice was a breeze! She needed minimal input, kept me in the loop with changes, and, at the end, delivered on budget. She also did SEO and helped me out with content. Would highly recommend her for company website design!
Andrei Dumitrescu

Beatrice, besides being a wonderful woman and a great developer, offers equally wonderful services. She delivered our site both on budget, and on time. I will definitely work with her again! Thanks a lot again!
Daiana Pantazi
Hyper Automation HR

Fantastic work!
I was impressed by how fast she was able to deliver and how well we were able to work together on the overall design.

Silviu Ciocoiu
CTO Robotics Revolution

Not only were those who recommended Beatrice to me delighted with her professionalism and results, but I was also one of them. The mock-ups were great, the quality of the design is super professional. The collaboration will definitely continue! I highly recommend the services of Beatrice!
Elena Burtea
Beauty Center Owner

She's always prompt in responding to messages and in guiding you to choose the best idea and make the right decision. The collaboration was excellent.Beatrice has complied with our requirements, and stayed within budget, so we can say that we were super satisfied!

Alexandru Costea

A high quality service. A collaboration with a lot of patience down to the smallest details. We will definitely collaborate in the future! I highly recommend her!!!

Valentin Bercea
Event Photographer